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With over twenty five years of combined experience in the marine construction business we can complete any project you may need.

We have initiated a program that can get you information on your needs quickly  with no waiting for an estimator to show up at your dock.

We are using bigger equipment and more of it to complete a project much more quickly thus saving you the customer more money and a quicker installation with less impact on your property.

Our Services

Boat lifts

A boat lift can save you lots of money when it comes to vessel up keep. We have many styles with different installation applications to fit your needs. You will easily recover the cost of a lift with maintenance savings over the years.

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Dock Repair

We repair all kinds of existing  dock structures. Many times with a little hard work you can keep using your dock with out having to  replace it. The pilings that hold the structure are a key component of you dock they must be in reasonable condition in order to make repairs!

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Seawall Repair

Sea wall replacement can be a costly project depending on you needs. There are times when repairs can be done to extend the life of you sea wall we can help. When considering replacement of your sea wall there are many different products to choose from which will change the your cost of replacement considerably.

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Is a part of living in a water environment sometimes it will need to be done and we can help with your project.

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Hydraulic boat lifts

Another great type of boat lift used many times in a fresh water application. Check out our line of Sunstream boat lifts.  There are many styles to choose from! You can add a cover to keep your boat safe and clean!

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Sunstream Boatlifts

SwiftShield™ is the newest innovation from Sunstream® combining the best protection with optimum convenience. Simply press a transmitter button to pull your custom cover onto your boat, covering the sides and back of the boat. No more hassling with multiple covers or snaps. Not only is it effortless, it offers unparalleled protection to your boat from sun fading, birds, critters and debris. Boating is now seconds away, as your boat will be uncovered and launched by the time you walk down the dock! You will use your boat more often, clean it less, and keep it looking new longer.

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Get Started!

We Make It Simple For You To Get Started!

Send us some pictures by email of the work you need to have done with a brief description of the pictures. We will send back to you some basic pricing for you to review. It is a fast and easy way for you to get an idea of what your looking at cost wise.


Just e mail some pictures and your on your way.

IF YOU LIKE WHAT WE SEND YOU! We will send out our estimator out and give you a firm price based
on a complete review of your needs.


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