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Economy Dock Seawall and Dredge company is celebrating a long and glorious past of operations. Taking the past and present together, we are taking the future in our vision and thus, we offer a complete range of marine construction services in Tampa FL. We bring each and every project with the same principle and work on it with the same enthusiasm and passion for brilliant architecture. We offer an extended range of marine construction services to make sure the best is delivered to you. 

With proper construction and proven technology, we proffer the supreme level of assistance that speaks for our professionalism. Right from adopting stringent quality control methods to conducting all the transactions with unrivalled professionalism, we commit to offer the best services to our clients.

Complete Range of Marine Construction Services – 2 Locations  

We offer professional services for the varying stages of the life cycle of a marina. With our services, we aim to cover each and every stage. Right from the early conceptual sketch stage to the full turnkey marina project, we cover everything. We have professionally trained marine contractors in Fort Myers and St. Petersburg FL who cater to all the client’s requirements and needs. 

At Economy Dock, Seawall and Dredge Co., we provide the finest marine construction services in the Tampa FL area that are devised to improve productivity for you. Our services are not just limited to boat lifting or dock pilings, but we provide complete construction services for your “marina.” With our reliable installations, you can enjoy a lifetime of maximized productivity and convenience.

Our Services

Boat lifts

A boat lift can save you lots of money when it comes to vessel upkeep. We have many styles with different installation applications to fit your needs. You will easily recover the cost of a lift with maintenance savings over the years.

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Dock Repair

We repair all kinds of existing dock structures. Often, you can keep using your dock without having to spend more to replace it with regular repairs and maintenance. Many don’t realize that the pilings that hold the structure are a key component of you a dock that must be in kept in reasonable condition. We can repair pilings in reasonable shape or replace if necessary. We save money for our clients by wrapping new pilings before installing, which is less labor than wrapping newly installed pilings.

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Seawall Repair

Sea wall replacement can be a costly project. There are times when repairs can be done to extend the life of your sea wall and we can provide experienced professionals to help you determine whether a repair will do the job. When considering replacement of your sea wall, there are many different products to choose from which will change the cost of replacement. Call for a free consultation.

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Dredging is a part of living in a water environment. When it needs to be done, we can help plan the best approach.

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Hydraulic boat lifts

Check out our line of Sunstream boat lifts.  There are many styles to choose from! These lifts can also be used in fresh water.

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Sunstream Boatlifts

SwiftShield™ is the newest innovation from Sunstream® combining the best protection with optimum convenience. Simply press a transmitter button to pull your custom cover onto your boat, covering the sides and back of the boat. No more hassling with multiple covers or snaps. Not only is it effortless, it offers unparalleled protection to your boat from sun fading, birds, critters and debris. Boating is now seconds away, as your boat will be uncovered and launched by the time you walk down the dock! You will use your boat more often, clean it less, and keep it looking new longer.

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